pronounced strawb - 다윗

about me!

name - isabella
pronouns - she/her
age - 18
home country - USA
race - biracial (mexican, white)
star sign - sagittarius sun
likes - c-dramas, using cringey phrases unironically, interacting with moots, iced coffee, learning mandarin, heart-shaped earrings hehe

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my stan & bias list!

ult of ults
epex - wish (ult)
neverland - dongchen (ult)
nct 127 - haechan, taeil
nct dream - haechan
btob - eunkwang
nine.i - jewon
trendz - eunil
regular stans
wayv - kun
nct wish - riku
riize - shotaro (semiult)
lightsum - juhyeon
exo - chen
oner - mu ziyang
气运联盟 / qylm - ma zhe
infinite - woohyun
project c - li xijie
stayc - sumin
big ocean - hyunjin
cherry bullet - haeyoon
fan (rap crews)
free-out - ice paper

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*i do not stand behind idols' insensitive behavior.*

more info regarding my stan list!

*i am ot- for every group (including free-out), but i do have 'bias lines'*

-since july 2021
-fav tt: sunshower
-since june 2023
-fav song: 出发
-c-idol band!
nct 127
-since october 2022
-fav tt: favorite
nct dream
-since october 2022
-fav tt: boom
-since november 2022
-fav tt: missing you
-since july 2022
-fav tt: young boy
-since october 2022
-fav tt: vagabond

-since october 2022
-fav tt: regular
nct wish
-since the first concrete info about the subunit dropped in early 2023
-fav tt: wish
-since may 2023
-fav tt: love 119
-shotaro is my semi-ult since nct
-since june 2021
-fav tt: alive
-my bias was jian...
-since july 2023
-fav tt: growl
-since january 2023
-fav song: 艳
气运联盟 / qylm
-since december 2023
-fav song: 我也不知道为什么,你在就很开心
-c-idol band!
-since january 2024
-fav tt: back
project c
-since june 2023
-predebut c-pop!
-since may 2021
-fav tt: run2u
big ocean
-since april 2024

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who i'm thinking of stanning!

*please feel free to reach out to me about them woot*

fantastics (jpop)
-potential bias: ?
-fav song: ?
-learning names, want to listen to more songs, want to watch more content
rewind (pre-debut)
-potential bias: elaya
-waiting for more content
-potential bias: minjae, tk, ?
-fav song: burn up
-learning names, want to listen to more songs, want to watch more content

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